# 4 First Creek

The first creek you are crossing tells a little history of Hurry Hill. This creek is one of the headwaters of the Conneautee Lake (Edinboro Lake) – and is part of the French Creek Watershed. There is a blue sign in the maple orchard asking you to tread lightly in the Edinboro Lake Watershed. Just 1 mile north of Hurry Hill – the water flows to Lake Erie and the Great Lakes Watershed. The history of Edinboro begins when the area was occupied by the Eriez, Iroquois and Cornplanter Indians. They referred to the area as Conneautee, which means, “Land of the Snowflake” or “Land of the Lingering Snow.” Edinboro is known for long winters and a good sugarin’ history. Old timers always say that Edinboro boasts two seasons – mud and snow. Usually 150- 300 inches of snow or more fall on Hurry Hill Farm each year. Snow and cold weather are two essential ingredients of a good sugar season.

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