# 3 Maple Orchard

As you begin to walk, look to your right, north, up the hill – Hurry Hill. From this vantage point, you can see the Hurry Hill maple orchard we began planting in 1998. Hurry Hill has an interest in sustainable agriculture and by establishing a maple orchard we have preserved sugaring for future maple generations. Five-year-old sugar maple and black maple trees were dug and planted on April 1 1998. The trees were from and old sugar bush just north of here. The sugar bush was a producing sugar bush on Fry Road many years ago when the Harned family tapped it’s trees for several generations. David and Georgie Knight own the property now and they have left a wonderful legacy in donating trees for this orchard. We water the newly transplanted trees throughout the summer for at least two years.
Some trees are destroyed when buck deer rub their antlers on the tender bark. We’ve tried to deter deer with rotten eggs, human hair, and commercial
products. Snow fence and “hotel” soap tied to the fence seems to work the best as deer detest the smell. Trees must be planted after the frost is out of the ground and before the buds break. Timing is tricky and there is only a small window of opportunity. It will take 20 to 30 years before these maples are ready to tap. People always ask – “why are you doing this? You’ll never tap these trees!” True. But I have never tapped a tree I planted either!!

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