Driving Trail

Visit locations mentioned in the book “Miracles on Maple Hill” by following this route.

ID Location Notes Directions to next location
A Hurry Hill Farm Driving trail starts at the Hurry Hill Farm Museum South on Fry Road, left (east) on Crane Road, right (south) on Rte 99 towards Edinboro.
B Edinboro Lake Continue south on Rte 99 into Edinboro, crossing Rte 6 (Plum St) onto Meadville St, passing W. Normal St and Gibson St. Pull over to the right.
C 222 Meadville St Turn around and head north one block on Rte 99 (Meadville St), then turn right on East Normal Street. Pull over on the right for views of next three locations, now part of Edinboro University.
D Lowland Hall
Academy Hall
Compton School Perform a legal U-turn and head west on Normal Street, crossing Rte 99 (Meadville St) to Water Street. Turn left (south) and proceed about 1 mile.
E Water Street Continue south on Water Street to the intersection with Rte 99 and then turn right (south). After about 2 miles the road veers left (east). At Drake's Mill, about 1 mile later, turn left (north) and follow Drake's Road until it becomes Mt Pleasant Rd at the intersection with Kreitz Rd
F School House Turn right (east) on Kreitz Rd and follow for 3/4 mile
G View of Mt Pleasant a.k.a. Maple Hill Continue east on Kreitz Rd another 1/3 mile
H Marly's House Continue east on Kreitz Rd another 1/10 mile
I Kreitz House Perform a legal U-turn and return (west) on Kreitz Rd to the intersection with Mt Pleasant Rd, then turn right and proceed about 1 mile north east.
J Hermit's House driveway No access to house Perform a legal U-turn and return south west about 1/2 mile, then right (north west) on Arneman Rd. At the intersection with Kinter Hill Rd, turn left (west) and right (north) on Perry Lane for 300 feet
K Fair Grounds Continue north on Perry Lane about 1 mile to Rte 6 to leave the area.
L Perry Lane at Route 6 End of Driving Trail