#11 Sugarbush

From this point, the entire sugarbush can be viewed. Imagine that Indians gashed trees and used the sweet sap to boil venison. Imagine early pioneers and farmers using oxen and stoneboats and teams of horses pulling bobsleds to collect sap. Imagine making sugar cakes to sell and leaving at 3 am by horse and wagon for the market in Erie. Imagine lugging buckets of sap through mud and snow just for the fun of making maple syrup! Imagine fragrant steam rolling out of this sugarhouse every spring as the tractor and wagon roll up to the sugarhouse with another 25 barrels of fresh sap. With the exceptions of nearby I-79, laptops, cell phones (and now ipads and iphones!!) not much has really changed in the process of sugarin’ at Hurry Hill. These could be the same trees used every spring for centuries past and into the next century.

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